Dewalt dcd771c2 Review – Best Impact Driver 2017

Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, the Dewalt dcd771c2 is bound to fascinate you with its incredible features.

It might not be your contractor-grade power tool but a homeowner will find it hard to overlook its utility and versatility.

For your everyday jobs, this compact drill/driver provided absolute portability and helps you get your jobs done with ease with the help of its robust motor.

In this Dewalt dcd771c2 review, you will find information about its best features, its advantage over competition and its pros as well as cons so that it is easier for you to make a choice.

When you re the lookout for cordless tools, the first component that comes to your mind is a battery operated technology. The Dewalt dcd771c2 is the new range of 18-Volt power tools with a 20V MAX lithium ion battery that will make your work extremely convenient.

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Dewalt dcd771c2 Review and what are its best features?

  • High-performance motor

Its motor is a high-performance one that provides an impressive supply of 300W of power. You can trust the motor to perform all your drilling jobs with absolute ease.

  • Lightweight

The design of the drill/driver is such that the weight is light and manageable. Given the efficiency with which it can execute your tasks at hand, you will not need to worry about using it repeatedly with an aching hand. The lightweight design does not lead to painful arms after prolonged use.

  • Dual speed selection

Different tasks require different levels of speed. This drill features high-speed transmission that offers two levels of speed to suit different types of tasks.

  • Cordless

The Dewalt 20V max lithium ion battery ensures that the drill is completely cordless. You can use it without connecting to a power source.

  • Ergonomics

Its handle is designed keeping ergonomics in mind so that you can completely enjoy your work while being in full control of the task at hand.

  • Quick-charging battery

The 20V lithium ion battery charges pretty fast and lasts quite long on a single charge. 

What we do not like about the product?

The Dewalt dcd771c2 is not your substitute for a hammer drill. It does have a hammer setting but you might just find setting it all up quite tough and the results might not be satisfactory.

How is the drill better than its competitiors?

The Dewalt 20v max drill and impact driver combo kit has a number of features that make it rank higher than its competitors. Let us take a look at some of them:

  1. Value for money

The Dewalt dcd771c2 offers complete value for money. 300 Watts of power is quite decent for a drill as reasonably priced as this. There are other drills that offer similar features but are priced higher than this and will unnecessary stretch your budget. There are a number of official sites that offer the best price and also the best deals for the product.

  1. Lighter than the rest

Most homeowners avoid DIY drilling tasks because of how heavy normal drills and drivers tend to be. Considering the fact that the Dewalt dcd771c2 is merely a 3.6 pounder, you will never feel the need to pack in all your muscles for your job at hand.

  1. Wire-free operation

How many times have you started drilling and have had to pause in between because the power cord fell off the switch board? The Dewalt 20v max drill and impact driver combo kit allows you to do your work without cords or wires getting into your way.

The battery is also quite efficient since it gets charged pretty fast and runs for a long time once fully charged.

  1. Variable speed settings

When you have drilling jobs at hand, you need to have a drill that offers variable speed settings. Unlike some other high-end drivers that offer the same speed for all kinds of tasks, the Dewart dcd771c2 offers dual speed settings. This makes different kinds of jobs relatively easy to perform.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully the Dewalt dcd771c2 review will help you to buy the right product that perfect fits your bill. It is compact, light in weight and is configured to make your drilling jobs comfortable and a fun affair. This product is best suited for people who love DIY tasks at home and have been looking for a drill that makes it convenient for them.

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Dewalt dcd771c2 Review - Best Impact Driver


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