Craftsman Impact Wrench | C3 ½” Heavy Duty Kit Review – 2017

When you have to work on your car or any other vehicle, the last thing you need is cables all around you.

  • When you need to use a wrench that is connected to a power source, it is not going to be easy to maneuver around the wheels when you have a cord attached. It is for this reason that the cordless impact wrenches are the perfect tool to buy.
  • Impact wrenches help in loosening the nuts and bolts without you having to exert much pressure. The torque of the wrench determines the power that would be delivered to get the repair works done.
  • It is not always feasible to remove bolts and nuts from the tires of the vehicles, manually. No matter what manual wrench you have, it can never be as effective as an impact wrench.

Craftsman Impact Wrench

The Craftsman cordless impact wrench is just perfect for all your garage repairs. Be it a small job or a heavy duty repair work, this impact wrench is here to ensure it is all done with ease. With an ergonomic grip and high torque, this wrench is designed to deliver.

All those nuts and bolts you thought were thought to get off can now be handled very easily. The craftsman air impact wrench is battery operated and has no cord attached.

You never have to worry about moving around too much when you are working on your car or any other automobile.

Though there are many such cordless wrenched in the market, the Craftsman impact wrench is a tool you have to buy if you want your work simplified. However, you need to know well about the tool before you can go ahead and buy one. Here is a detailed Craftsman impact wrench review that will give you all the details required.

Best Features

Some of the great features of this impact wrench are:

Cordless –This wrench works on battery and does not require you to connect it to any power source. You can use it anywhere and everywhere, thus making it a very convenient to h=use handy tool.

Power – This impact wrench is equipped with a motor that can deliver up to 3000 rpm/ipm. It can also produce a maximum torque of 300 ft-lbs.

Handle – While rest of the body of this wrench is made of plastic, the handle is made of soft rubber. This ensures the wrench does not slip out of your hands when it impacts the surface or when you are using it for heavy duty purposes.

Ergonomically Designed –

The handle of this wrench is designed in such a way that it will offer comfort to the user, even if it used for a prolonged period of time. With a dent for the finger, the grip offered is very safe and sound.

LED Lights – This wrench has not one but three LED lights that can provide enough light on the area the wrench is to be used on. These lights come on when the trigger is pressed and when released, it continues to stay on for a few seconds.

Square Anvil – The anvil is square shaped with a detent pin, so that the sockets stay in place. When you fix a socket, it slides on to the nose of the wrench and clicks into place with the detent pin. This pin ensures the socket does not slip off, while you are working.

Battery – This wrench comes with a 4 Ah XCP lithium ion battery pack. This pack can run up to 4 times the duration of other batteries. Also, the torque delivered is 20% higher.

Charger –

The charger that is provided with the wrench kit is very versatile. This charger can be used to charge any other battery in this C series.

The Kit – The kit includes the impact wrench, a 4Ah XCP lithium ion battery and a charger.

Warranty – The wrench comes with a 1 year warranty. No matter what the damage is, within this one year period, you can get it replaced.

Negative Points

Like any other product, this one has its own set of negatives too.

Heavy – The craftsman c3 impact driver is on the heavier side. While it may be suitable for heavy duty works, this wrench cannot be carried around easily. It is not very convenient to use this heavy tool for small jobs or repair works that will require you to move around a lot with your tool.

Working under a car while holding the tool up, is also very difficult due to the weight. Though it is cordless, the weight nullifies the portability option.

One Battery – The wrench comes with a single pack of batteries. In case you are working on something and your battery starts showing the “low battery” sign, you have to stop and charge. You cannot remove the battery, put it on charge and use the spare battery instead.

Advantages Over Competition

These following reasons make this impact wrench a much better option than those in the market:

LED Lights – You can clearly see where the socket is going to go. These LED lights are focused on what is in front of them. These lights make it possible to use this wrench in many places.

Versatile Battery – The original battery that is provided with the wrench can be used in other tools too. Any tool that belongs to the C series of these wrenches, can use this battery.

Grip –

While other competitors are focusing the torque and body shape of the tool, this wrench has an ergonomically designed handle for supreme comfort. The rubberized handle offers a very good grip and ensures the wrench does not slip even when your hands are greasy.

Charger – The charger that comes with this kit can be used to recharge regular lithium-ion batteries too. Many appliances use lithium-ion battery these days and you don’t need to buy a separate charger for each of those batteries.

Quick & Strong – The high power and increased torque enables you to remove and screw on bolts in seconds. This saves you a lot of time and effort. Even the most stubborn bolts can be removed with ease.

Best Price – The cost of this impact wrench is much lesser when compared to its counterparts in the market. This makes it a very effective and pocket friendly tool.


Any impact wrench should be able to produce enough torque to get the tightly screwed on bolts, off. With a ½ inch impact wrench, the bolts of cars and smaller vehicles can be handles with ease. The larger the vehicles, the larger should be the anvil.

While the wrench is used to remove these bolts, the socket should be firmly in place, to avoid unnecessary damages and accidents.

This Craftsman impact wrench is designed keeping all this in mind and hence delivers what is promised. At a price that does not burn a hole in your pocket and with a power that can speed up your work, this tool is a perfect buy. When you are a professional and have a number of tires to handle in a day, you cannot afford to compromise on the speed or the quality.

Get this impact wrench and see the positive impact it has on your work, every single day.

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Craftsman Impact Wrench | C3 ½” Heavy Duty Kit