The Best Hammer Drill | Top SDS Models Review – 2017

The best hammer drills are very good companion when a powerful tool is required to do the household DIY’s like fixing a wall mounted unit that was recently purchased online or even from the stores.

The installation costs are pretty expensive, so to own a hammer drill is the best option.  These hammer drills work even on a very thick wall made of bricks where drilling is difficult.

How does the Hammer Drills work?

The hammer drills are generally used for heavy duty applications.  The rotating drill bit produces a maximum force by the hammering motion from these drillers. The power is doubled with the hammer drills compared to the normal drillers.

There are different functions provided by the hammer drills like screw driving or impact driving. The specialized drill bits attached to these hammer drills provides more focused and powered blow when heavy duty work is involved.

Comparing the features of best 3 Hammer Drill – 2017

Slotted Drive System drills are shortly referred as SDS models have different and more sophisticated features. This uses the most advanced chuck design that attaches the drill bit and a specialized drill bit. Choosing the right hammer drill is often tricky as there are number of SDS Model hammer drills available. Here we have listed the best 3 Hammer drills based on the views of the tools users.

Features Bosch 11255VSR BULLDOG Xtreme 1-Inch SDS-plus D-Handle Rotary Hammer

Bosch 11255VSR BULLDOG Xtreme 1-Inch SDS-plus D-Handle Rotary Hammer

DEWALT D25263K D-Handle SDS Rotary Hammer with Shocks, 1-1/8″

DEWALT D25263K D-Handle SDS Rotary Hammer with Shocks, 1-1/8"

Bosch RH540M 1-9/16-Inch SDS-Max Combination Rotary Hammer

Bosch RH540M 1-9/16-Inch SDS-Max Combination Rotary Hammer

Dimensions 17.2 x 7.2 x 3 inches 19.2 x 12.8 x 5.3 inches 16.7 x 8.8 x 3.8 inches
Voltage 120 Volts 115 Volts 120 Volts
Item Weight 11.4 pounds 12.2 pounds 26 pounds
Components Included Case Hammer, 360 Auxiliary Handle, Depth Rod and a Kit Box Case
Warranty 1 Year 3 year limited warranty 1 Year

Description of the 3 best Hammer Drills:

Bosch 11255VSR BULLDOG Xtreme 1-Inch SDS-plus D-Handle Rotary Hammer:

  1. 5 Amp Power : The motor of this hammer is powerful that delivers the impact energy of 2 ft./lbs. providing the maximum drilling.
  2. Perfect D-Design: The handle of the hammer drill is designed like a D to make it ideal and comfortable when working over the head drilling and even when drilling needs to be done on the ground.
  3. Multi Modes: There are three modes available in the Bosch 11255VR SDS-Plus model. The hammer option, rotary option and the hammer option. In order to maximize the working angle, there is also vario-locking mechanism that locks the chisel to the 36 different positions.
  4. Forward & Reverse Power: The specialized rotating brush plate in the hammer provides the same amount of power in both the forward and the reverse direction. So this provides greater flexibility while doing the job in hand.
  5. SDS Plus Technology: SDS Plus Technology in the hammer drill has automatic bit locking and it also protects form the dust. This gives the impact energy transfer is maximum.
  6. Flexibility: The cord turret of 35 degree pivot provides more flexibility. The longer cord is an added advantage.

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DEWALT D25263K D-Handle SDS Rotary Hammer:

  1. Fast Drilling & Chipping: The 3 joules of the Dewalt hammer drill aids in the fast drilling of the tougher surfaces for the heavy duty applications. It also offers a greater chipping speed for the same purposes.
  2. Performace of the Motor: The performance of the motor is high as its 8.5 Amp power for both the house hold and heavy duty purposes.
  3. Vibration Control: The dewalt D25263K hammer’s shock active vibration control helps in reducing the vibration felt by the tool users in handles during the heavy duty applications. This ensures the comfort of the tool users.
  4. Full Speed /Torque: The rotating brush of the dewalt hammer delivers the full speed or torque in both the forward and reverse directions. The integral clutch helps in reducing the torque reactions that are higher in the event of jamming.
  5. Drill Settings: The drill settings can be adjusted for 3 options. They are drill without hammer with only spinning, drill with hammer and hammer only for chisel without spinning.

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Bosch RH540M 1-9/16-Inch SDS-Max Combination Rotary Hammer

  1. Light Weighted: The Bosch RH540M hammer is so easy to handle because of its weight. This weighs only 15 pounds.
  2. Heavy Hitting : The motor of the Bosch hammer drill produces the 6.1ft lbs of impact energy. This impact energy is hard enough to hit the hardest surfaces. The drilling is faster than any of the hammers. This makes the Bosch RH540M the best SDS hammer drill among the other SDS powered tools.
  3. SDS Max – Versatility: The combo hammers SDS Max technology makes the tool so easy to handle one bit changes with the single hand. This feature makes the BOSCH combo hammer very versatile. Dust protection is also available.
  4. Safety of User: The integral clutch disconnects the torque transmission of the combination hammer in case of any sudden jams. The safety of the tool user and the tool is protected because of the integral clutch from any adverse effects.
  5. Handling Overload Situation: The Bosch Combo hammer handles the overload situation by the constant electronics to have s soft start to the hammer. This also maintains the speed of the tool constantly when loaded. So any overloaded situation is avoided.
  6. Vario Locking Mechanism: The vario locking positioning mechanism rotates the hammer and allows locking the bit into 12 different available positions for optimization of the working angles. This increases the productivity. Thus ensuring the tool to reduce the concrete to dust in no time.
  7. Full Rotation: The 360 degree rotation of the auxiliary handle lets the user to set it accurately for the more operational point. The accuracy in depth and the control is ensured with the flexibility of the auxiliary handle.
  8. Dual Mode Selector Knob: The combination dual mode selector knob allows the bosch combination hammer to switch between the rotary mode and the hammer only mode based on the requirement.
  9. Preventive Maintenance Indicator: The tool also has an indicator that tells when a preventive maintenance is required.

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Above description of the three best rotary hammers gives us the fair idea of what to buy.

Apart from the features and the technology, we need to consider the hammer drill review and also the best price to buy the best sds hammer drill that suits our requirements.

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The Best Hammer Drill | Top SDS Models