Makita Jack Hammer | HM1810X3 70 Lb. AVT Breaker Review 2017

Power tools like drills, saws, planers, demolition hammers are all long term investments.

You don’t need these power tools every day. But when you do, it is important that you own the best ones so you get quality work done.

Talking about demolition hammers, most small-scale tasks like chipping off concrete surfaces, removing a tile and more could be done with just a hammer and a chisel. But for larger demolition activities, you would need a demolition hammer to make things easy.

Buy an electric demolition hammer only if you understand briefly about how it works and can confidently handle one yourself.

You should also know when to use and when not to use a demolition hammer to avoid overdoing any task. Here are few facts to consider while deciding which electric demolition hammer to buy:

  • Decide on whether you would need a standalone hammer or a handheld hammer.
  • The size of the hammer matters a great deal. Sometimes a smaller powerful hammer itself would solve the purpose. Larger ones might not always make things easier for you. It might mean a little extra strain on you while you handle it.
  • Do not settle for a demolition hammer which is available at a cheap price. Remember that not every day you buy power tools. So only consider the most popular ones from the reliable brands.

Here is a Makita jack hammer review to help you understand why the HM1810X3 70 Lb. AVT Breaker has been a top selling model.

Makita jack hammer – The best features that you might like in the HM1810X3 70 Lb. AVT Breaker:

  1. Brand reliability:

Makita has made a strong name for itself in the power tools sector. And this model of Makita jack hammer is yet another one keeping up Makita’s name in terms of the reliability and the quality.

  1. AVT:

The advance technology of minimizing and absorbing the surrounding vibrations is one of the best features it offers. This means that the resistance offered to the commutator can beeffectively reduced. This would lead to an impressive energy efficiency.

  1. Absorbs shocks:

When it comes to demolition hammers, the shock created might lead to secondary damage to the neighboring surfaces when not handles efficiently. This is avoided in this model from Makita as it absorbs shocks and protects the nearby surface.

  1. Technical Specs:

  • Power- 15 amp motor
  • Blows per minute- 1100
  • Impact energy- 46.5 ft. lbs or 63 J
  • Noise level- 107dB
  1. Operation:

The switch on the hammer is big to make it easy to access. And the overall operation of the hammer is also pretty simple. The handles offer great accuracy and ease of handling.

  1. Design:

The industrial quality output is offered without compromising even a bit on the design. The ergonomically designed hammer makes it easy for the user to handle the tool.An added advantage is the convenient default cord length (16.4 ft) provided.

  1. Durability:

Makita tools are in general known for their durability. This Makita demolition hammer comes with auto brush cutoff. This means that the commutator in the hammer would not be easily damaged. This significantly improves the longevity of the hammer.

  1. Power requirements:

The hammer comes with a 15A motor. The power source can be switched between AC or DC using the easy toggle switch.

  1. Other features:

There is an LED indication to let you know of any issue in the tool be it in the cord or the switch. The armature has dual ball bearings. And the commutator is made stronger by adding some extra copper. So your machine would function more powerfully and for a longer time too. 

What some users might not like in this Makita demolition hammer:

  1. Not for the beginners:

This is a pretty heavy duty hammer. This is definitely not for those smaller tasks. It is not a negative point about the hammer. But given its power and features, it is not a great model for you if you are looking for something just light to start with.

  1. Pricing:

Looking from the outside, this model might seem a bit pricey. But given that it is from Makita, once you look deep into the features of the model, you might feel that you are paying the best price for the dependable performance it delivers each time.

  1. Handle quality:

Not all but some of the users complain of the handle quality. In some cases, the handle of the hammer comes off or gets loose in the long term.Though this is not entirely a design flaw, there are few customers who report on this issue. But one consoling factor is that Makita offers a lifetime warranty.


How does this electric demolition hammer handle the competition?

  • Vibration control:

Anti-vibration technology used by Makita in many of its power tools is also incorporated in this model. This leads to less vibration yet more power than many other models in this category. As vibrations are absorbed, there is no dissipation of energy in anunwanted direction. This also results in a more focused distribution of power.

  • Noise level:

The noise output during the operation of the demolition hammer is cited as 107dB. The device stays true to its rating. It is one of the least noisy electric demolition hammers available in the market.

  • Electric motor operation:

Compressor based demolition hammers might put you down sometimes especially in colder weather. But as this model runs on an electric motor, you can be assured of a hassle free operation in various conditions.

  • The weight of the hammer:

It is not too light. This hammer is, in fact,a bit on the heavier side. This is what you would need for a more powerful demolition. But at the same time, it is not the heaviest one in this segment, for the power it offers.

The final verdict:

When it comes to larger level hammer applications, you might need either rotary hammers or demolition hammers. For the most common day to day applications and smaller demolitions, a rotary hammer would suffice. But for demolishing a whole pavement, slabs or even an entire room, you might need a demolition hammer.

For the contractors who do such demolition activities all-round the year, the combination hammer would be a great choice. This can have dual modes of operations including both rotary and demolition hammer modes.

While choosing a rotary hammer, when one is chosen with the best combination of bits, then it might make a valuable addition in most households. Demolition hammers are a bit more complicated when it comes to the operation and the mechanism. So it would not be a wise choice to invest on a demolition hammer if you do not understand certain basics about the tool.

The Makita jack hammer review presented here is to help those who are looking for a real powerful tool. This one is a versatile power tool and it can surely do more than what you expect from it.

The focused vibration free operation is what makes it deliver an accurate surface demolition. The operation is also pretty straightforward and so with just a few uses, you might get the hang of the tool.

The package comes with a complete set of hammer and four different chisels which would solve most of the demolition requirements.

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Makita Jack Hammer | HM1810X3 70 Lb. AVT Breaker