Best Corded Hammer Drill | Bosch RH540M 1-9/16 SDS-Max Review – 2017

Are you tired of poorly built combination drills that only get you more frustrated instead of getting your job done?

  • How about a hammer drill that is powerful enough to take all the abuse and will get your job done every single time?
  • Then it is time to consider a Bosch hammer drill such as the Bosch RH540M 1-9/16-Inch SDS-Max Combination Rotary Hammer.
  • The Bosch RH540M is a versatile combination rotary hammer that will drill and chisel everything from tile to concrete. No surface is too hard for this hammer and you can drill all you want and chisel that concrete with ease.
  • Read on as we look at the features of this rotary drill in greater detail.
  • In this corded drill review we go into the pros and cons of the product so that you can see if this is the right choice for your drilling and chiseling needs.

We will also look into how this is better than some other similar products on the market.

Best Corded Hammer Drill – Best features:

  1. Powerful

The hammer drill is very powerful and goes from drilling holes to breaking concrete effortlessly. The performance for a midsize hammer drill as this one is exceptional. An impact energy of 6.1 ft.-lbs. means that it can hit harder and drill faster.

Minimum vibration gives you total control of your tool and lets you drill holes with maximum precision. The weight of the tool takes care of the drilling and no additional pressure is required.

The 12 amp electric motor offers 170 to 340 RPM in the rotary mode and 1200 to 2750 RPM in the hammer mode making it one of the best rotary hammer drill for concrete.

  1. Versatile

Don’t worry about elaborate settings and controls. Simply turn the dual-mode selection knob to switch between three modes viz, the chiseling mode, the hammer-only mode and the Vario lock function. It’s that simple.

What’s even better, the Vario lock mechanism is so brilliant that it allows your chisel to be locked into 12 different positions.

So no more stooping over or contorting your body into difficult positions to chisel perfectly. The RH540M will do all the acrobatics for you.

Also, you can select different speeds for both your drilling and chiseling applications with the variable speed dial.

  1. Efficient

You won’t have to worry if your tool is working efficiently. The service minder brushes not just make the tool work at maximum capacity, but will also remind you when a maintenance service is due for a long lasting performance.

  1. Safe

The hammer drill has been designed with the user’s safety in mind. If the bit ends up in a bind, the drill can spin out of control and harm the user. Fortunately, this hammer drill has a built-in integral clutch which will automatically disengage if the bit binds up.

The integral clutch also reduces torque reaction.

In addition to the in-built safety mechanism, this combination hammer also comes with a CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certification. This means you can use your hammer with total peace of mind knowing that you only have a quality product in place.

  1. Easy to use

You know how annoying it can be to fix drill bits into the tool, but the RH540M is the best sds hammer drill out there.

This is because it allows for a tool-free bit changes that can be done with a single hand. Simply twist and push the bit and it will click and lock into position.

The SDS-max and the integral clutch system also has the added advantage of providing protection against dust and maximizing energy transfer rate.

  1. Construction

As the rotary hammer will be used in a variety of conditions, it has been built to be strong enough. Its metal body comes with durable plastic outer fittings for a long-lasting performance.

  1. Ergonomic design

Not only are the internal components designed to be ideal for all day chiseling and drilling, the hammer has been ergonomically designed for maximum user comfort. It has a molded finish and rounded edges.

It also comes with a large ergonomic handle for easy gripping and handling the weight of the tool.

For added comfort, it comes with an Auxiliary Handle that can be fixed in the front. What’s even better, it has a 360 degree rotation which means you can fix it according to what is comfortable for you. This also lets you have more control over your operation.

  1. Reliable

As these tools are typically used all day, they are exposed to a lot of wear and tear, but the strong combination hammer can take quite a beating. It comes with a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects for a total peace of mind.

You also get a 1 year service protection plan.

  1. Portable

Of course, you need to take your tool places, whether it is heavy or not. But, this mid-size combination hammer is perfect as it is compact yet powerful. Its 19 inches length makes it quite a compact tool for the performance that it delivers.

It comes with a carrying case to easily carry it wherever your work takes you and is perfect for professionals.

Negative points

Even the best product can have haters, as individual preferences can be different and what works for one may not work for another. Here are a few cons of the RH540M that can help you decide if it will fit your requirements.

  • Working Voltage – The RH540M comes with a 120 voltage cord. So if you are in a country that uses a higher voltage then it needs a step down transformer to reduce the voltage.
  • Heavy – Though the power to weight ratio is great, the tool weighs 14.2 lbs and is heavier than its competitors
  • Corded – Though there is enough cord (8ft.) to be used in different situations, it may not be for those who prefer the convenience of a a cordless hammer

Advantages over competition

  • High impact energy – Delivering an impact energy of 6.1 ft.-lbs., it is 20% more powerful than other combination hammers in the segment
  • Large holes – As the RH540M can accept up to 4″ diameter core bits, you can drill holes up to 4” diameter with ease
  • Great price – The RH540M retails for $360 and is the best price you can get for a mid-size combination rotary drill
  • Ergonomic – The tool comes with a large ergonomic handle that distributes the weight for ease of use. It also comes with an optional auxiliary handle in the box that can be fixed in the front and has a 360 rotation to be fixed in any position as per the user’s comfort.
  • Great brand – You only get the best when you buy the RH540M as it comes from Bosch. This a brand that is trusted for its quality the innovation that they keep introducing into their products. It also gives you complete peace of mind when you know that they have been making power tools for donkey’s years.


If you are looking to buy a best corded hammer drill, you will first need to sort through the many options which can leave you feeling confused. Some cheap options may be tempting but will only make you regret once the purchase is over.

But when you choose a good brand like Bosch and one that comes at a pocket-friendly price tag you can be sure of your purchase.

Professional concrete contractors and remodelers need not just a powerful tool but a versatile one that can meet all their chiseling and drilling needs.

The RH540M comes from a brand such as Bosch who have more than 100 years of experience in making quality tools. When you have a tool that ticks all the boxes, there is no need to think twice.

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Best Corded Hammer Drill | Bosch RH540M 1-9/16 SDS-Max