Hammer Drill Reviews | Bosch 11255VSR BULLDOG SDS – 2017

Among a sea of hammer drill reviews, it is but natural to feel overwhelmed while attempting to choose the best.

  • It becomes even more tedious when all the types and brands seem to offer you the best features. However, what makes a difference is knowing what to look for when you are out to buy a hammer drill.
  • When you go through rotary hammer drill reviews, you will notice how these drills are built for heavy-duty tasks.
  • This signifies that they need to be sturdy and durable. In the midst of a number of names, the Bosh 1125VSR Bulldog SDS is clearly worth a mention.
  • The Bosch Rotary hammer is built to deliver maximum power and performance. Whether you need the drill for anchoring or large material breaking, it will never cease to amaze you. When you have a rather long and boring task at hand, you can trust this hammer drill to get the job done sooner.

You can now change the bits of the hammer drill quickly and easily, thanks to the user-friendly SDS-Plus system. It also features a selector that has multi-functional modes. This allows you to choose between rotation-only, rotary hammer and hammer-only modes.

Hammer Drill Reviews – The best features of the Bosch Bulldog 

  • Power and design 

The hammer drill is powered by a 7.5 amp motor. The motor is capable of delivering 2.0 lbs of impact energy.

It is designed in a way so as to make overhead and downward drilling applications simple and convenient.

  • Variable modes 

The Bosch Bulldog Xtreme Rotary hammer has three modes in which it operates; rotary hammer, rotation only and hammer only. The hammer drill also features a Vario-Lock positioning that helps the chisel to rotate and lock into positions as varied as 36 different ones.

This makes your working angle more functional when you are using it in hammer-only mode.

  • Variable-speed trigger 

The hammer drill also features a variable-speed trigger along with reversing. This makes for accurate bit starting and fastener or bound bits removal. Bosch products come with a stamp of quality and this hammer shares a similar feature.

It has an exclusive rotating brush plate that offers powerful performance in both forward and reverse. This adds flexibility to your job.

  • HammerHook 

The inclusion of the HammerHook allows easy and quick tool storage before, during and after the job is done.

  • Cord turret 

It is not for nothing that this rotary hammer has earned the label of best corded hammer drill 2017. This cord turret offers a 35 degree pivot for better flexibility and a longer shelf life of the cord.

  • SDS-Plus bit system 

You can now have tool-free bit changes, owing to the SDS-Plus bit system. This system also offers automatic bit locking, provides protection from dust and allows maximum transfer of impact energy.

What we do not like about the Bosch 1125VSR 

There are a couple of features that could be improved and they are listed below:

  1. If you are looking for the fastest drill in the market, this might not be it. It drills at an average speed.
  1. You can only work with SDS bits while using this hammer drill.
  1. If you need to replace the brushes, you will need to open up the drill case.

What makes it better than its competitors? 

  1. The SDS chuck 

For all those who have done a lot of drilling in the past will understand the significance of this bit system. It is absolutely frustrating to repeatedly stop to re-tighten bits that have loosened out of the binding in the concrete. This is a common occurrence with most hammer drills in the market.

The SDS bit system gets rid of this problem altogether. This system allows easy changing of the quick bit and also does away with the need to look for the chuck key every time.

It is not exaggerating to brand this product as the best sds hammer drill in the market.

  1. Auxiliary handle 

Most hammer drills that you come across will need you to completely remove the parts when you need to change the handle position or the depth guide. This hammer drill makes both the activities easy to implement with the way the auxiliary handle and depth guide have been used in it.

  1. Vario-Lock 

This is an excellent feature that makes it stand out among its competitors. You can now change the orientation of the chipping bit without having to hold the drill in awkward positions.

Other hammer drills pose a risk in situations when you need to hold them or place yourself in potentially dangerous positions.

  1. The power cord 

Most manufacturers position the power cord in a way that it makes placing the case quite difficult. The power cord comes out directly from the back of the hammer drill. In some cases you might need to bend the cable to such an extent that it ends up damaging the power cord.

The Bosch 1125VSR does not have this problem and makes wrapping up simpler and enhances the shelf life of the cord. This is probably why it is better known as the best corded hammer drill.

  1. Lightweight 

This drill weighs a mere six pounds that makes drilling in vertical surfaces extremely convenient. Other hammer drills tend to be heavier and place a lot of pressure on your arms.

  1. Fast and simple to use 

The best feature of this hammer drill is the fact that it operates fast and drills through brick and concrete a lot more easily than other hammer drills might be able to.

The reason is its design and build. It is both light in weight and perfectly sized for places like the chimney. Anything smaller would not do the job as efficiently and anything bigger will end up being unsafe at such heights.

  1. Many modes of operation 

It is indeed quite difficult to work with a hammer drill that gives you one speed to work with.

The Bosch Bulldog hammer drill gives you three different modes to work with for different kinds of drilling jobs. You have rotary hammer, rotation-only and hammer only modes for various job roles.

  1. Best price 

For the kind of features that this hammer drill offers, it is quite reasonably priced.

Other hammer drills offering similar features are not only heavier but also pricier. To get the best price for the product, you can visit websites that offer great deals along with other offers.


This review will hopefully give you an edge over other hammer drill reviews and help you choose the best. If you have realised that this hammer drill at hand could satisfy your needs, make up your mind to buy it right away.

All your drilling jobs can now be easily taken care of with the help of this efficient tool.

The product is best suited for those who love DIY jobs as well as for contractors. It is not designed to drill holes in your patio but for smaller jobs, this is an ideal pick.

It will save your arms of pain and injury because of how light it is, unlike heavier hammer drills. At the end of the day, for this price, it really is a steal.

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Hammer Drill Reviews | Bosch 11255VSR BULLDOG SDS