Rotary Hammer Reviews | DEWALT D25263K SDS with Shocks – 2017

A rotary hammer drill is a tool specifically designed to meet professional needs.

  • For all your masonry purposes, these big and massive tools are mostly needed. When you go through rotary hammer reviews, you will get to know that they are heavyweight tools.
  • Way heavier than your regular hammer drills; rotary hammers are mostly suited for construction businesses. They can also be used for DIY projects but that is not their primary function.
  • When it comes to accessories, rotary hammer drills use a lot of them. Some have additional drilling accessories that enable their usage in tight and cramped spaces.
  • The first thing that you need to consider before buying a rotary hammer is the kind of accessories it can use. There are a number of rotary hammer drills but only a few deserve special mention because of their unmatched features.

The Dewalt D25263K SDS rotary hammer is one such tool that can surpass all its competitors effortlessly.

Rotary hammer reviews- The best features of the Dewalt SDS Rotary Hammer

  • Powerful motor

The Dewalt D25263K is a great choice when it comes to heavy duty tasks like drilling through concrete etc. It is powered by a motor that delivers around 8.5 amp power.

It delivers superior performance while offering an impact energy of 3 joules. It is equipped to offer fast chipping speed for work that needs dealing with difficult building materials. This is probably why it is often labeled as the best hammer drill for concrete.

  • Vibration control

This hammer has been specifically designed to ensure that your work is done without any disturbance or hassle. This drill is equipped with built-in shocks that offer active vibration control. This significantly reduces the amount of vibration caused during drilling procedures.

  • Hammer-only mode

This rotary hammer drill offers the unique benefit of a hammer-only mode. This allows you to quickly remove the mortar splatter. At the same time while using it to drill holes through tough concrete, it is equipped to carry out simple chipping applications.

  • Ergonomic

The Dewalt D25263K has is ergonomically designed. When you point it in on direction with minimal force, it is effective enough to drill through the surface without needing extra force from you. Your hands and arms will not feel any vibration while you work.

  • Speed and performance

Offering a greater rpm than other rotary hammer drills, the Dewalt D25263K is a perfect combination of speed, power, performance and precision.

It offers full speed in both backward as well as reverse drilling. When you are out to look for the best sds plus hammer drill, do consider taking a look at this one.

  • Integral clutch

This rotary hammer drill features an integral clutch that is capable of reducing high torque reaction. High torque reactions generally take place when the drill jams while you are working.

In such situations, the drill offers a lot of torque and performs at high speed in reverse as well as in forward drilling motions.

  • 360 degree handle

The rotary hammer drill comes along with a 360 degree handle. This gives you additional control while you are drilling.

  • Depth rod and kit box

When you go through rotary hammer reviews, you will realize the importance of a depth rod. Not all rotary hammers come along with a depth rod but the Dewalt D25263K does.

This helps to maintain drilling accuracy and enhances your performance at work.

It also comes along with a kit box that can store the drill when not in use.

What we do not like about the product?

Despite all the brilliant features, there are a couple of things that we did not like about the product. They are listed below:

  1. The Dewalt 25263K is quite noisy. While working along with it, you might need to distance yourself from people or places that are not compatible with too much noise.
  1. Although this is a rotary hammer drill, it is not powerful enough for very heavy-duty tasks. For moderate heavy-duty projects and for DIY, it offers the best-in-class performance.

How is the Dewalt D25263K Better Than Its Competitors? 

  1. Active vibration control

If you are used to your regular hammer drill, you will immediately feel the difference when you use the Dewalt D25263K. A regular hammer drill tends to cause a good deal of kickback and vibrations while working with tough materials like concrete, rock and brick.

The Dewalt D25263K is equipped with built-in shocks that offer active vibration control.

This reduces the amount of vibration that you tend to feel during the drilling process while using a regular rotary hammer. Your hands and arms will be ever so thankful to you for buying this product.

  1. Ideal for medium-duty tasks

What makes it more popular among other rotary hammer drills is the fact that it can be used for medium-duty tasks as well.

Most rotary hammers are designed in a way so as to cater to heavy-duty construction purposes only. If you have a DIY project or a smaller task at home, they don’t really serve the need. However, this rotary hammer is equipped to deal with moderate as well as light chipping applications.

This highlights its versatility with regard to its features.

  1. Lightweight and compact

For all those who have used rotary hammer drills in the past are aware of the weight and size that makes it difficult to be used in cramped spaces. This renders them useless for your smaller projects at home.

They could also be quite dangerous to be used for drilling around spaces like the chimney etc.

The Dewalt 25263K is being touted as the best rotary hammer drill for 2017 because of how convenient it is to work with in tight and cramped spaces. It is light in weight and has a compact size, perfect for smaller drilling tasks.

  1. Additional handle

To make your drilling jobs even more convenient, this rotary hammer drill comes along with a 360 degree handle. This handle gives you better control while you are engaged in your activity and enhances your flexibility.

  1. Priced well

In comparison to other rotary hammer drills that cost you a bomb, this hammer drill at hand is reasonably priced. It is definitely great value for money. For the best price and the best deals, head over to their official website and order one today!



Now that you have an idea about the best features, areas of improvement and the advantages this model has over its counterparts, we can only hope that you end up making the right choice. Among a number of rotary hammer reviews, this one gives you a clearer picture by pointing out the ways this product ranks better than the pricier and heavier versions of rotary hammers.

If you are in a construction business, a rotary hammer is a must for you. If you choose to buy this product, you can provide a great amount of relief to your hands as well as the hands of your workers.

The best feature of this product is the fact that it reduces kickbacks and vibrations while drilling. Moreover, the price that it is available at and the way it drills through concrete in minutes, it is clearly the best corded hammer drill of the year.

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Rotary Hammer Reviews | DEWALT D25263K SDS with Shocks